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I believe jewelry is an expression of your true self. More than just adornment, when you wear my jewelry, I want you to feel elegant, confident, and authentically you.

“My number one priority is to create jewelry that speaks to my customers and that they’ll fall in love with every time they wear it."

My jewelry is always carefully considered and slow-crafted. I work intentionally and methodically to ensure my pieces are not just elegant and detailed, but made with the highest level of craftsmanship. Every stitch and the overall integrity of each piece MUST be thoughtfully designed, well made, and be just as beautiful years from now as the day you bought it.

I use Argentium silver, a tarnish-resistant recycled metal that requires minimal care and maintenance so that your jewelry is ready to wear every day. Whenever possible, I employ methods and select materials with the least amount of impact on our earth.