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Anna Earring

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and you refuse to miss a single minute. The Anna Earrings are light and playful with plenty of modern elegance. Each stitch is thoughtfully placed to create texture and movement. The cool-warm color contrast makes these beautiful earrings perfect for any occasion.


  • 22k gold stitching on Argentium silver forms 
  • Argentium silver ear wires
  • Measures: 2" x 5/8"

Oxidized or Bright Sterling Silver, Argentium, and Gold

To clean your jewelry, lightly wash with soapy water. On oxidized (darkened) metal use ONLY cool water. Dry with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Do not use a polishing cloth on your jewelry. We love Dawn dishwashing liquid for cleaning jewelry.

Please do not sleep, shower, or swim while wearing your jewelry.

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