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A simply stunning necklace you will want to wear non-stop.  Stunning in either a choice of oxidized or bright silver. Hand-stitched with 22k gold. Each square is oxidized Argentium silver with either, or a combination of both 22kbi-metal and 22k gold wire stitching. Several 22k gold bi-metal squares are in the necklace as well. Necklaces will vary slightly as each is individually made. This necklace has two settings of closure at approximately 16" and 18".

Oxidized or Bright Sterling Silver, Argentium, and Gold

To clean your jewelry, lightly wash with soapy water. On oxidized (darkened) metal use ONLY cool water. Dry with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Do not use a polishing cloth on your jewelry. We love Dawn dishwashing liquid for cleaning jewelry.

Please do not sleep, shower, or swim while wearing your jewelry.

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