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My inspiration comes from nature, architecture, and fashion. It might be the way fabric layers or drapes, or a pattern or texture I spot on a walk with my dog. I take this inspiration into my studio and start playing with how to translate it into metal with stitching. 

Once I’m satisfied with a design, I’ll cut and finish the metal and determine where my stitches will go, so I know where to drill the holes. Sometimes I create a pattern with my stitching, but often it’s freeform. 

I use fine silver or 22k gold wire for my stitching. As I weave the wire through each hole, I carefully pull it tight with pliers until I feel a stretch. It’s essential that every stitch is tight enough to keep its shape and stay in place. Each material has its own characteristics, so I need to consider this. There’s a delicate balance between tight stitches and too tight, so the wire breaks. It doesn’t happen often, but I have to start over when it does.